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Smooth Transitions also provides services for the dispersal of household belongings after the death of a loved one.


A death in the family introduces a whole new set of responsibilities, from sorting belongings, removing and shipping personal belongings to the complete shutdown of an established home site. Often family members have different ideas how to handle estates and we can help by being a neutral, compassionate, confidentialal and professional consultant. Daily responsibilities or distances can make these tasks seem even more overwhelming for family members.


Smooth Transitions can help make these tasks feasible and timely. Working under the direction of family members, attorneys or trust officers, we organize and distribute the estate according to your and your family member's wishes.  From the most simple sorting to arrangements for cleaning and repair work we can take the pressure off an already emotional and difficult time. Often the goal is to prepare the house for sale and we can do this with special attention to the emotional and physical challenges of family members during this difficult time.



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