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Moving may not be the best decision for you or your aging family member due to personal choice, financial considerations, or other reasons. Later in life, or at any age, our homes often become cluttered and don't work as well for us as they once did. The prospect of downsizing, de-cluttering, organizing and discarding our belongings is overwhelming for most people. We can help you create a safer, clutter-free environment in your home for you to live more comfortably. You may need a little help, or just encouragement and assistance. Smooth Transitions' aging in place services include:


  • Defining your priorities and long-term vision for your home

  • Creating a floor plan that works better for your current lifestyle with a focus on safety (Barrier Free Floor Plan)

  • Evaluating what you want in your home and what you no longer use or need

  • Deciding what you will donate, sell or discard always based on your wishes

  • Coordinating with contractors to help with household improvements and to install saftey or mobility products

  • Exploring home care maintenace concerns and needs

  • Consulting for in-home care services or non-profit support networks as needed


We apply the same coordinated and compassionate organizing techniques to help you stay in home as we do to help you move. 


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