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Smooth Transitions provides individuals and families the emotional and physical assistance needed in making a change in living arrangements. 




It is my pleasure to unconditionally recommend Eva Dougherty and Smooth Transitions of Seattle.  Eva helped us emergently transition a family member out of her home and into assisted living on a very tight time frame. Her skills included packing and cleaning out an entire house and coordinating donations, recycling, waste disposal, move of items to a storage facility, house cleaning, and move-in to assisted living.  


She was flawlessly professional, knowledgeable, respectful, easy to work with, and reliable. In addition to saving us countless hours of time, her expertise about local resources saved us quite a bit of money. She made a situation that was emotionally and logistically very difficult much more manageable. I literally don’t know what we would have done without her.




I am delighted to recommend Mrs. Eva Dougherty and Smooth Transitions of Seattle.  I live in Nashville, and a family member who lives alone in Seattle became critically ill. It became apparent that he would not be able to return to live in his home.  We were faced with more than 30 years of collected possessions, many items in unopened boxes that had been moved from home to home over the years. It was a staggering job, made more difficult by the fact that I could not stay and had to return to my own home. Eva and I worked together at the house for a time during which I found her to be incredibly sensitive, thoughtful, respectful, and careful. She worked hard as she sorted through all these boxes to save anything that might be valuable, both to preserve sentimental family possessions and to assure that anything of financial value be retained. She arranged donations, pickups, sales, and anything that needed to be done. I had total confidence in her judgment, honesty, and efficiency. She communicated with us at every step of the way. We could not have done this without her and recommend her services highly and without hesitation.  


// Client Gerry, Nashville, TN

// Client Deb, Seattle, WA


Eva assisted me in clearing a long neglected corner of my basement, then delivered things I no longer needed to new homes. When I do decide to move I will certainly call on her again to aid in the transition.

//  Client Betty, Seattle, WA

I have been very impressed with the services of Eva Dougherty of Smooth Transitions. She has been meeting with me in my home once a week for about a month and I definitely look forward to our future meetings. 


This project involves making decisions on stuff in a home I've lived in for 48 years, a project that had seemed extremely overwhelming to me.  We have started to work in one bedroom and it has made a huge impact there and beyond.  Eva obviously knows her profession and cares about helping me as a client.  In making decisions, I've really appreciated her suggestions for where to send donated items.


I consider her a great coach as well as helper in marvelous ways.  After each meeting, she has emailed a summary of what we accomplished along with the goals we set for next time.  It's tremendous incentive to accomplish what she has written.  Additionally, her compliments during and after the sessions also promote my motivation.  


Between meetings, while I'm going through things on my own, Eva has been moving the project forward by also spending time researching items for sale, finding unique and meaningful places to donate and itemizing donations.  


As a result of Eva's influence, I have found myself suddenly taking everything out of kitchen drawers and putting back only what I want to keep there.  In another room, after finding a clock that hadn't worked in many years, suddenly I opened it up, discovered the battery had corroded, searched the Internet for how to remove corrosion, popped in a new battery and now immensely enjoy having that clock working.  It's as though she has empowered me to achieve things.


Having Eva help me has been one of the best decisions I've ever made and I am glad to recommend her to others.


// Client Nancy, Seattle, WA


Eva’s professionalism and compassion are obvious from the moment you meet her. She is very communicative with her intentions, prompt and efficient with her work. 


When it came to clearing out our mom’s 1700 square foot condo, so we could sell it, she met our expectation to complete the job, so we could get it to market. She coordinated multiple pickups for the furniture we donated, collected the donation receipts, and prepared an itemized listing of everything donated. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again! 


Thank you, Eva, for all that you did!  You did an awesome job!

// Client Jeff, Bainbridge Island, WA

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